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Episode 82 - Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol/Mission: Impossible

December 20th, 2011

TOM CRUISE POWER! Since Krissy (of course) had never seen a Mission: Impossible movie beforehand, this week we watched the 1996 original in preparation for an IMAX screening of the brand new Mission 4! This one involved GHOSTS! Or did it? Which one wowed us more? And what did we think of the extended trailer that ran before the movie for The Dark Knight Rises? You should listen! Because, well, we talk about all of that...stuff! We also discuss exploding chewing gum and French aquarium restaurants, Cruise's running skills, climbing up buildings with sticky gloves in Dubai, EMILIO ESTEVEZ!!!, Paula Patton's blazing hotness, Jeremy Renner's Bourne-ness, Charlie Brown teacher villains and much much more! And it's all relatively PG! This podcast episode will self-destruct in 3 seconds...