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Episode 87 - Chronicle/Animal House

February 9th, 2012

The power of LANDIS compels you! Yes, it's a Landis family double feature this week as we watch our first movie of 2012 in the theaters, Chronicle (written by Max Landis) and pair it with Krissy's first John Belushi movie EVER, 1978's Animal House (directed by Max's dad, John Landis). And between grumbling about jobs, exhaustion, lack of sleep, pregnancy brain, etc., we discuss moving things with our minds, the suspension-of-disbelief-a-meter, rainbows and third-world countries, flying pitstops, filthy fraternities, Eddie Murphy and the Knights and much much more! We're practically moving your finger to push play right now...WITH OUR MINDS!!!!!! Rated PG-15!