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So I Married A Movie Geek - Episode 44 - Morning Glory/Broadcast News

March 22nd, 2011

Ahh, at last... Two movies right in Krissy's journalistic wheelhouse: "Morning Glory" and "Broadcast News!" Honestly, how she's gone this long seeing the latter is beyond us; especially since she sat in front of the poster for it every day for a year while in J-school (and apparently has a close friend who looks just like Holly Hunter). Maybe she was too busy singing with Jeff Goldblum? Either way, join us we discuss all things adorable, cretinous, and love-triangle-square-y. This podcast is rated a cautionary PG-13, for some colorful (i.e. awful) banter about date rape and Albert Brooks (aka 'whatshisname?')'s son. But not together. Cause that would be TERRIBLE. And definitely NOT what we meant.