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So I Married A Movie Geek - Episode 67 - Midnight in Paris/Manhattan

August 31st, 2011

Woody Allen double feature! Yes, we both get a little neurotic and wacky talking about the newest Woody flick (Midnight in Paris) and one of his classics (Manhattan).  One of us has seen most of Woody's output of films while the other has seen only a handful! Like always, we answer the important questions on everyone's minds: Did either movie make us want to move to Paris or NYC? Is it cool for someone to have a favorite cinematographer? What is the true Golden Age and is nostalgia really that bad? How can Owen Wilson be in a crappy movie like Hall Pass and a great one like Midnight in Paris in the same year? Is it the same guy? What's up with that? This episode is rated PG, which is really great when you compare it to some of our recent output! You could practically listen to this with your grandparents, by gosh!