So I Married A Movie Geek - Episode 20 - Poltergeist

For episode 20, we go totally freaky deaky and Krissy watches POLTERGEIST (1982) for the very first time. How did she manage to miss this horror classic for 27 years? Especially since she lived 10 minutes away from the actual haunted house in the movie! Oh well. That's why this podcast exists. We discuss the infamous Poltergeist Curse and the mysterious deaths associated with it, pot-smoking parents, burial ground real estate, scary clowns, kid-eating trees, swimming pool skeletons, the original Ghost Whisperer Zelda Rubinstein, face-melting scenes, CPR with dental dams (??) and Strawberry Jelly (or Jam) Limbo Land. This podcast is rated PG-13! Keep the movie suggestions coming and thanks for listening!

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