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Entries from March 2012

Episode 92 - The Hunger Games/Battle Royale/21 Jump Street/Lethal Weapon

March 28th, 2012 · Comments

Four movies. One podcast. Ohh, this one's a doozy, folks. And did we mention that our marquee movie is The Hunger Games? There's a reason this week's podcast is so long -  when it comes to talking about the Games, THERE ISN'T ENOUGH TIME IN THE WORLD! Also, Justin would argue that Krissy is a big ol' neeeeerd and felt the need to make a bullet point list about all her Hunger Games likes and gripes. That definitely took some time. But you know what? It's worth it; this podcast has always been aaaallll about critical thinking and in-depth analyses... Ahem. And on that note, we also saw three other movies: Battle Royale, 21 Jump Street, and the original Lethal Weapon. And we discuss them for a gloriously deep 5 mins each. So if you want to know everything there is to know about Katniss, Peeta, Glimmer the Muttation Dog, Haymitch the (non?) Drunkard, why Japanese schoolgirls insist on talking like squeaky coloraturas, and/or the comedic stylings of Channing Tatum or Gary Busey, listen! Plus, there's a spontaneous sing along of the Family Matters theme! You're welcome. (Rated PG-13)

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Episode 91 - Goodfellas/Scarface

March 15th, 2012 · Comments

It's an organized crime DOUBLE FEATURE in yo ears, ya'll! And two of the most popular ones of all time at that: Goodfellas (1990) and Scarface (1983)! Did Krissy stay awake through the multi-hour -  bang bang, eff this, eff that - adventures with Henry Hill and Tony Montana? Was she disgusted by the extreme violence and bad language? You'll have to listen to find out! We also discuss DOING TONS OF COKE!!!!, Scorsese, mafia life lessons, Joe Pesci, stirring the sauce, good vs. bad soundtracks, chainsaw shopping, Michelle Pfeiffer's dancing skills, drug tents, Steven Bauer's finest role, Dances With Wolves, donating to D.A.R.E. and much more! We even unveil what might be the worst Tony Montana impressions done by anyone ever. All with lots of F bombs because, well, have you seen these movies?

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Episode 90 - Bull Durham/Varsity Blues

March 8th, 2012 · Comments

SPORTS! DOUBLE! FEATURE! Men playing with their balls and stuff! Don't you just love it?!? We sure do! So much so that we chose this week as the one in which Krissy would finally watch one of the most famous sports movies of all time: Varsity Blues! No wait...Bull Durham? What about BOTH OF THEM!?!? Right? You're feeling a little tingly in the nether regions just thinking of all this sports-related conversation, aren't you? We have to admit that this podcast is seriously cray cray. It includes an amazingly convoluted discussion of Kevin Costner monologues, "Space Beer Mountain," strip club car washes and brew-thrus, "Sex Gepettos," whipped cream bikinis, terrible Southern accents, sex and sports performance, The Dawson and much MUCH more. This episode is also rated R for our 2nd explicit ITunes certification in a row! We're sorry, our unborn child and people who loathe cursing.

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Episode 89 - Fatal Attraction/Fear

March 1st, 2012 · Comments

Oscars Shmoscars. Who wants to sit around and golf-clap to fancy Best Picture winners like The Artist when you could watch and discuss Fatal Attraction and Fear instead?! Clearly, J and K have decided to take the road less traveled this year. In fact, it may not even be a road... but a Choose Your Own Adventure masturbatory roller coaster ride with Glenn...we mean...Albert Nobbs! Either way, it's a truly harebrained ride on the good ol' podcast crazy train. We discuss the merit (or lack thereof) in cheating on your wife with a comparatively hideous Medusa-haired man-troll, how to pick up on girls with wide foreheads in 90s rave clubs a la Mark Wahlberg, and (most importantly) HOW TO INCLUDE ALBERT NOBBS IN ALMOST EVERYTHING. Seriously. That chick/dude is *everywhere.* This episode is rated 'R' for some salty language and some even saltier Julia Childs impressions.

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