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Entries from May 2012

Episode 99 - Misery/Carrie

May 24th, 2012 · Comments

We got 99 episodes and a witch ain't [in] one of them! Unless you count a telekinetic teenager with serious mommy/Jesus/bully issues. Because we DEFINITELY have one of those! We've also got the lowdown on stalking your favorite author/actor/famous person (Misery style), how (not) to get in trouble for poking your students, and the inside track on Carol Smith!! This podcast may be rated PG-13, but only listen if you're not opposed to violent commentary and innuendo - plus a frank discussion on the birds and the bees. BEEEEEEES!

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Episode 98 - Steel Magnolias/Sleeping with the Enemy

May 17th, 2012 · Comments

Talkative Southern women in a hair salon vs. faking your own death to get away from your psycho husband with a mysterious mustache!!! Duh duh DUH!!!!! PLUS...Julia Roberts double feature! DUH! Which movie - Steel Magnolias vs. Sleeping with the Enemy - did Krissy enjoy more the 1st time up?? Is she the last female drama nerd to see the former? Does Shirley MacClaine actually believe in aliens? What is up with Julia Roberts' mommy haircut in that movie? Or either movie? We talk a lot about hair. Like The Lawnmower Man's hair! And making terrible decisions when faking your death. And don't forget...organizing all hand towels and canned goods! It's all rather scientific AND PG-13 but skirts towards R territory because of someone's potty mouth. Guess who that is????

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Episode 97 - The Avengers/Thor/Iron Man 2

May 6th, 2012 · Comments

This week, your favorite movie geek couple hunker down for three - count 'em, 3! - Marvel comic movies... One of which may or may not currently be the biggest movie in the world. (MOVIE SMASH!!!) Iron Man 2, Thor and The Avengers! It might have been too much super awesomness for our ADHD-riddled brains to process though, as we were easily sidetracked by things like closed captioning devices, bright phones, and the MOST ANNOYING children ever to have gone to the theater. ("Huhuhuhuhuh...YEAH!!" "Daaaaddy, is it ooooover yet?") Crazy people that we wanted to sock in the face aside, it was a good ride. Join us as we discuss our favorite superhero(es), the lusciousness (or is it grunginess?) of Thor Hemsworth's hair, extra credit scenes and all things Robert Downey Jr. This podcast would be rated PG-13, were it not for liberal use of the F-word. So, R it is!

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