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Entries from June 2016

Episode 122 - Maximum Overdrive/The Lawnmower Man

June 17th, 2016 · Comments

It's a Stephen King double feature this week! And we're discussing 2 of the absolute worst movies he's ever been associated with - MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE (1986) and THE LAWNMOWER MAN (1992)!! And surprise, surprise - Krissy hadn't even heard of these movies before. So pick your poison - would you rather be brutally assaulted by vending machines & stalked by large Green Goblin-faced trucks OR be freakishly raped in a virtual reality sex game? Because there is no middle ground when it comes to these crazy ass flicks!! Which one did we like best? Or was it a terrible draw? You'll have to listen! We also gab about Emilio Estevez/Gordon Bombay, baseball field steamrollers, awkward cot sex, Simple Jack wigs, whisper acting, Krissy's Quantum Leap/Sliders VR fantasy & chainsmoking while shirtless (the only way)! It's rated R because there is definitely grown-up words & discussion on virtual reality sex! Follow us at @MovieGeekCast on Twitter, y'all!

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Episode 121 - Commando/First Blood

June 3rd, 2016 · Comments

SCHWARZENEGGER vs STALLONE! John Matrix vs John Rambo! It's the manliest, most testosterone-filled episode yet! EXPLOSIONS! GUNS! And Rae Dawn Effin Chong! We were practically doing bicep curls while we recorded this!  After seeing both Commando (1985) and First Blood (1982) for the very 1st time, which main character would Krissy call if one of her loved ones was kidnapped on her best hair day? Who can do the absolute worst Arnold impressions possible? How does First Blood stack up among the other Rambo movies? And is there a movie universe out there ("somewhere out there, where dreams come truuuuuuuuue....") that could hold these two alpha males? Don't just drift on by this episode because we will LOCK YOU UP, SIR in our Hope prison! Just don't! Rated R - for men stuff.

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