Episode 105 - The Dark Knight Rises/Batman Begins

The long wait is over, dear friends... Justin and Krissy are here, hyped up on morphine fumes and hot, stinky dog farts, and ready to discuss all things BATMAN - namely the recent ones K hadn't seen yet - Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Rises!! We're not gonna lie though - some of this podcast may end up letting you down, much like one of the movies (ooh, but which?). There's just so much to discuss: increasingly unintelligible accents, how bombs are supposed to work, THEmes of morality, justice and how Christopher Nolan may not actually like women... Like a precarious game of Jenga, this week the momentum builds and shifts until the whole thing comes crashing down in a big pile of angry, TV watching mercenaries. But we will climb out of the damn pit! And because we're not total douchebags, we'll even throw down a rope for the rest of you. You're welcome. Rated PG-16ish. (Yes, we can make up ratings now.)

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