Episode 113 - Pitch Perfect/Newsies/Purple Rain

MUSICAL TRIPLE FEATURE FTW. It's here and it's totally cray cray and out of pitch. What's on the docket? We discuss our 1st trip to an actual movie theater since July for Pitch Perfect and K is forced to watch Newsies and Purple Rain - one of which she enjoyed and one of which she was totally mystified by. ALL FUN. With random talk about bloody tamponless noses, Anna Kendrick and 90's classic R&B, the city of Taos vs. Santa Fe, Man Child Christian Bale, Muppet Babies love, Prince's overwhelming machismo and acting skills, good bad movies vs. bad bad movies, the definition of "Purple Rain" and Glitter. AND WE SING. ON WINE. FOR YO PLEASURES. Rated PG-16.

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