Episode 122 - Maximum Overdrive/The Lawnmower Man

It's a Stephen King double feature this week! And we're discussing 2 of the absolute worst movies he's ever been associated with - MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE (1986) and THE LAWNMOWER MAN (1992)!! And surprise, surprise - Krissy hadn't even heard of these movies before. So pick your poison - would you rather be brutally assaulted by vending machines & stalked by large Green Goblin-faced trucks OR be freakishly raped in a virtual reality sex game? Because there is no middle ground when it comes to these crazy ass flicks!! Which one did we like best? Or was it a terrible draw? You'll have to listen! We also gab about Emilio Estevez/Gordon Bombay, baseball field steamrollers, awkward cot sex, Simple Jack wigs, whisper acting, Krissy's Quantum Leap/Sliders VR fantasy & chainsmoking while shirtless (the only way)! It's rated R because there is definitely grown-up words & discussion on virtual reality sex! Follow us at @MovieGeekCast on Twitter, y'all!

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