Episode 152 - Fantasy Movie Draft: Spielberg Movies


STEVEN SPIELBERG! He's undoubtedly one of the greats! He might even be our movie geek's favorite director of all time?! But how will an entire #FantasyMovieDraft based on his cinema output actually go? This week, we find out with special guest Chris Braaten from the More Gooder Than podcast and returning guest and friend Evan Goldstein! And spoiler alert - everything gets a little bit heated as the R-rated gloves come off! Who's still holding a grudge from a previous draft? And who comes in totally new with a plan to stir things up! What IS Steven Spielberg's BEST movie? Should we have allowed movies directed AND produced by the 'Berg? Fun was had, relationships were tested and someone will eventually come out on top! Like our podcast on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @MovieGeekCast! Subscribe and if you want to NOT stab Justin in the heart, please leave us a positive rating and review on iTunes first! We'll give you a virtual high five and a sexy shout out on the show! You can also email us any questions, comments and divorce attorney contacts to moviegeekcast (at) gmail (dot) com! Thanks for listening!

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