Episode 96 - The Monster Squad/Tremors/Critters

Monsters, Graboids, and Critters - oh my!!  This week is all about 80s cult classic movies Monster Squad, Tremors, and Critters... But J and K really boil it down and talk about the important stuff: dinosaurs in Elizabethan collars, furry red-eyed-rolling testicles, playing skip-it against giant burrowing penis worms (who are really just misunderstood and need a friend), and the merit of swimming against the vortex a la Van Helsing. Ahem. WHY ARE WE ALLOWED TO HAVE CHILDREN?? Our poor baby will be forced to watch crazy movies and be party to mom and dad's even crazier recap. What dreams/nightmares may come! Ohh, the shenanigans that will ensue. In the meantime, enjoy this PG-13ish podcast!

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