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So I Married A Movie Geek - Episode 37 - Alien/Aliens

January 25th, 2011

ALIENS! Jumping at your face! Bursting out your chest! Obnoxiously spraying their acid blood all over you! What a drag! But do you want to know what's undoubtedly not a drag??!!?? The fact that Krissy has finally seen Alien AND Aliens! The originals without the Predators! FINALLY! (a choir sings!) Yep. As boxes have taken over our apartment for our potential move, this week we did a Alien/Aliens combo and had a grand old time trying to stay on topic about both! There's just so much STUFF!! Our discussion is so packed with nonsensical goodness, you'd have to put on a Mech Suit just to pry the goodness off! Seriously. Listen to it! This podcast is PG-13, scattered, smothered and covered with goodness about aliens. Either you're in for the random craziness or not. Sigourney Weaver would be in. But that's cause she and the character of Ripley is a BAD ASS. Are you a BAD ASS? Then listen to this podcast. You might learn something. Or you might not. ALIENS!