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So I Married A Movie Geek - Episode 46 - Source Code/Insidious

April 4th, 2011

It's new movie DOUBLE FEATURE time, y'all!!!! We pull an illegal transfer to see 2 brand new films opening this weekend, SOURCE CODE and INSIDIOUS!!! Could this finally be the week in which we don't totally hate either movie? During the scintillating hour of cinematic discussion, we delve into our rambling thoughts on Jake Gyllenhaal, loud 12-year-olds during movies, Quantum Leap, movie scores, Dunkin Donuts, parallel realities, haunted houses, Ghost Grandma, Rose Byrne's musical skills, Viewmasters, evading photos, ghost stenography and much MORE!! We even save the major end-of-movie SPOILERS for both films until the very end! This podcast goes bump in the dark but only in the PG-13 kind of way!