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Episode 84 - Fargo/No Country For Old Men

January 16th, 2012

January = Director's Month here at So I Married a Movie Geek, and what better way to start it off than with two movies by the Coors Brothers -- err, Coen Brothers. (The former brothers tried to make beer and failed. The latter make movies!) So J and K got saddled up for a crazy, greedy/murderous romp through all the states they'd never want to actually be in for prolonged periods of time. Yes -- all the way to Fargo and the land where Mexican mariachi bands awaken you from your bloody stupor with song (aka No Country for Old Men)! Good times, folks. Good times. And by 'good times' we definitely mean 'holy hell, we're glad we're not hapless characters caught in a Coen Bros' character cycle of corruption and avarice.' But hey, if you like cowboys (but not aliens), North Dakota / Minnesota accents (but not ever living there), or brothers who make fine cinema instead of crappy beer, listen on! Rated PG-ish...?