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Episode 88 - The Vow/Defending Your Life

February 22nd, 2012

We're baaaack! Did you miss us? The Medieval Times Hospital we were in last week just didn't have good enough wi-fi for a podcast... Sorry! But the good news is we're alive and kicking - some of us are even kicking from inside the womb now! Yes, the baby officially has ears and can hear us as we rattle on about this week's movies - The Vow and the little-known Defending Your Life. Just don't let the baby hear what this podcast is really all about (murder, office whore-ery, purgatory, love flatulence, apathetic amnesia and Candace Cameron Bure) and we'll be just fine. So please enjoy this week's podcast - but only if you're a "good person." If you're not.... Krissy will see you at the office soon. Rated PG-16(ish)!