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So I Married A Movie Geek - Episode 27 - Heathers

November 6th, 2010

Strap yourselves in, keep hands and legs inside the vehicle at all times, kids... Cause things are about to get VERY.  Christian Slater! Winona Ryder! Shannen Doherty! KRISSY'S MOM!! Yes, along with Very Special Guest Cathy MacQueen, Krissy & Justin view 'Heathers,' and subsequently discuss the movie's light & dark sides, symbolism, Slater's Jack-Nicholson-esque qualities, and... scampi. Plus something about Bette Davis, stroke victims, $4M worth of water and the merits of strip croquet. This podcast is rated PG-13... And AWESOME.


  • TheFilmConsumer

    Funny moment: When you said you wanted your ashes spread somewhere really fun, I said Chuck E. Cheese when Krissy said Jamaica. Then, I nearly fell in the floor laughing when you said Chuck E. Cheese like 10 seconds later.

    Christian Slater does a Jack Nicholson impression in everything he does.

    Love the stroke humor.

    I found it shocking that in 57 minutes of HEATHERS conversation the “I love my dead gay son” quotation got only a brief in the last 4 minutes.

    Krissy’s mom is hilarious.

    Feb 23, 2011 at 4:58 am