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So I Married A Movie Geek - Episode 76 - It/Pet Sematary

November 1st, 2011

Stephen King Halloween double feature, kids! Yup. Krissy had somehow avoided these 2 flicks for waaaaaaay too long: It (1990) and Pet Sematary (1989). She even thought one of them was a comedy until this weekend. So, like we do, we watched both of them and "discussed" them over wine and the saddest, saddest Skittles. Oh yeah. The good stuff. You know how it is. Listen as we jump from random subject to random subject. Chatter babble like: IT kids vs. IT adults, Pennywise The Clown, clowns in general, "Remember Our Pact" phone calls, cockroach puke tubs and rats, Jonathan Brandis' golden tresses, Ladybugs!!!, the ending of IT, anti-coma bike rides, Dr. Mistakes, Maximum Overdrive Drive, creepy but quite talkative kid zombies, not-Mr. Wizard, Edward Furlong, zombie dogs, zombie Justin, etc. We even list our worst (and most embarrassing) Halloween costumes of the past. Rated PG-15 for mature-ish audiences!