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So I Married A Movie Geek - Episode 77 - Crazy, Stupid, Love/Center Stage

November 8th, 2011

It's a special birthday edition of So I Married a Movie Geek this week, kids!  Krissy was in the hot seat this time, and turned the podcast on its head by choosing two movies she had seen, but Justin hadn't -- this year's Crazy, Supid Love and a 2000 high school favorite, Center Stage! Indeed, it was the perfect storm of Krissy's favorite things: dancing, love triangles, comedic family dysfunction, and Ryan Gosling with his shirt off. Fun was had by all... But especially the birthday girl. Join us as we discuss the virtues of The Gos (yes, again), how to avoid/evade windowless white vans, Ethan Stiefel as Anthony Michael Hall in dance-tastic disguise, Justin's Charlie Brown shirt (and why we should probably burn it), and why Sascha Radetsky is hyper-mono-focused on TAKING WHAT YOU FEEL AND DANCING IT. This ever-so-fun episode is rated PG-13. Now let's get outta here.