Episode 102 - Brave/Ratatouille/The Incredibles/Beasts of the Southern Wild

This week, we took in a PIXAR trio and a brand new indie on Justin's birthday! With only a few more weeks to go until our little visitor arrives, we thought it was time to get animated, y'all! Who doesn't love a movie that the kids can enjoy while their parents sob softly nearby? (Tear...tear...tear.) Did the brand new Brave make the grade? Have we joined the cult of red-haired Merida? ALSO...Ratatouille or The Incredibles? And...What are our top 5 favorite Pixar flicks of all time? Plus, we took in a bday showing of one of the most unique movies of the year, Beasts of the Southern Wild! It's all tame for us. Maybe even PG-rated?

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