Episode 104 - Rocky/Over The Top

Dear Sly Stallone: although you've made a plethora of fine films, Krissy hadn't ever seen any of them (NOT ONE!) until just this week! SHENANIGANS! Right? I know. So when picking out the double feature to intro her to your Sly-ness, we went with your most famous, ROCKY (1976), and one of your most infamous, OVER THE TOP (1987)!!! What did she think? Which did she prefer? You have to listen to get the full tilt boogie. But I can give a few clues of what we discussed: Justin's personal Rocky story, favorite entry and obsession with fringe sport flicks, your surprising writing skillz, ice skating for 10 minutes, possibly autistic pet shop employees, "pounding meat," the final Rocky Uno fight (which confused K greatly), truckin' & arm wrasslin', the definition of Over The Top, CB radios, embarrassing dad moments at truck stops and much more!!! It's all rated PG-13/R'ish!

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