Episode 106 - The Bad Seed/The Omen (1976)

Kids! Can't live with 'em! Can't easily kill 'em if they happen to be a raving penmanship-medal coveting psychotic or the Antichrist! This week's double feature is all about wild and crazy progeny with The Bad Seed (1956) and the original The Omen (1976)! Why these two? Because we're having a baby this week! A real one! And we're hoping she doesn't come out already wanting to murder us! The resulting discussion from these two flicks has us expounding upon that fear, plus terrible impressions, the dangers of adoption, mentally deranged former friends, downer birthday parties, bloodthirsty/unjustly-maligned pups, the birth of TMZ?, complicated killing rituals and Gregory Peck's canon (oh how mature and sexy it is!) Rated PG-16 for your listening...pleasure?

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