Episode 110 - Robocop/The Terminator

It's Robocop vs The Terminator... at The Hunger Games?! Ok, not really. But it could happen (Team Robocop for the win)! This week, J and K flail about in the shallow end of 80s cyborg film criticism, noting that (a) Detroit is not a very nice place (b) Red Forman - Eric's 'That '70s' Dad! - is a *badass*  and (c) you probably should NOT broadcast your whereabouts when there's a serial killer hunting down people with your exact name. Also, you should consider Benjamin Buttoning down before you're blown into Skittles. Cause it'll make TOTAL SENSE when you hear us talk about it. Join us, won't you? Quick, before we drop from exhaustion...! Rated R for those slippery f bombs, of course!

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