Episode 112 - Halloween (1978)/The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974)

Some people spend their Halloween trick-or-treating, while others slap on the whore makeup (let's be real, ladies, once you're over the age of 16 Halloween just becomes a great excuse to slut out) and go out to a party... But not J and K. They opted to do a podcast! And post it late! (Krissy's disclaimer - this is totally the baby's fault. She's just so NEEDY). As fashionably late to the Halloween party as this episode is, it's full of imitation-synth karaoke'ing, tales from our childhood, advice for outrunning chainsaw-toting psychopaths, and hearty endorsements for Activia! ...Seriously, can you even see that in print without singing it in your head? Ac-tiv-i-aaahhhhhh! Rated PG-17ish. Wait. That's totally 'R'. Nevermind!

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