Episode 117 - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice/Batman/Superman: The Movie

THREE YEARS LATER...we're back? Yeah. We're back. All reboot-y and ready to talk about the new blockbuster "movie" (BvS:DoJ) that confused us soooo much that we absolutely had to reanimate this dead carcass of a podcast. Plus we slooowly also watched the O.G. Batman (1989) & Superman (1978) films. Because, frankly, there's just not enough self-serving blather out there. All the previous rules of the podcast still apply. And, though we're a lot older and about 450% more tired, this discussion tries to get to the bottom of important questions like - can anyone explain what these 2 superheroes are v'ing about? Is there a respectable amount of MURDER? Should you be able to 'see' special effects? Has your mom's name ever saved you from certain death? Why does Superman fly like that? Why do we continue to say 'like' so much? Who's the bestest Batman ever? Who does Krissy decide to surprisingly 'splatter' her hate upon? Kim Basinger....why? Should Joker be 'funny like a clown?' It's all R-rated because we're adults.

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