Episode 118 - Star Wars: The Force Awakens/The Last Starfighter

STAR WARS + SANGRIA = FUN TIMES, you guys. Major fun times. This week's episode features both of us venturing into SPACE!!! Did the force "awaken' in Krissy the first time she finally saw 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' or did she fall asleep...yet again? Why is Kylo Ren so upset? If you're on a desert island, which Star Wars newb would you rather have as your co-island partner - Rey, Finn or Poe? What are the multiple uses of BB8 beyond friendship & "beep boops?" Do we care who Rey's parents are? And what WAS Luke's deal at the end? Plus - we imagine getting 'The Last Starfighter' treatment! Is the movie basically one of our biopics? Did we have more fun hanging with Alpha Alex or Beta Alex? Wouldn't you rather go off pseudo-Delorean'ing with the Music Man? It's all very boozy and adult and rated R!

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