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Episode 119 - Willow/Masters of the Universe

May 1st, 2016

LOVE 'Game of Thrones' & want 2 movies that could be distant, freaky cousins of the show to scratch that fantasy itch? That's the basis of this week's double feature with Willow (1988) and Masters of the Universe (1987)! Have you seen these movies?!?! Because HOLY COW. We get wide-eyed bonkers on coffee & wine to discuss the relevant questions they bring up, much baby murder is too much baby murder? Is the IMDB trivia page totally lying to us about 1 of these films? What's going on with Val Kilmer (in life and in this movie)? Do Game of Thrones-terventions ever work? Who is really the master of our ideal He-Man universe? WHAT IS THE KEY? Does Skeletor have a another lucrative but less violent career he's passing up? Plus - we pitch sequels/reboots for both of these movies that are not completely terrible!