Episode 120 - Captain America: Civil War/Deadpool

CIVIL WAR and SAKI! A match made in drunken, rambling heaven! Until the next morning that is. While this might be the 576th podcast to talk about Marvel's newest, Captain America: Civil War, we'd be willing to bet that this is the only one to do it midway through a hella-ton of saki shots after dealing with a teething baby with hand, foot & mouth disease. That's what was happening here live. For over an hour. And then we talked about Deadpool. For a much smaller amount of time. We hope it all makes sense. But hey. It's a cinema celebration, bitches. And it all boils down to the most important question -  which one of these superheroes would we choose to be less than civil with - in the bedroom!?! It's all super sexy R-rated with enough alcohol to take down a severely tired parent on a school night!

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