Episode 121 - Commando/First Blood

SCHWARZENEGGER vs STALLONE! John Matrix vs John Rambo! It's the manliest, most testosterone-filled episode yet! EXPLOSIONS! GUNS! And Rae Dawn Effin Chong! We were practically doing bicep curls while we recorded this!  After seeing both Commando (1985) and First Blood (1982) for the very 1st time, which main character would Krissy call if one of her loved ones was kidnapped on her best hair day? Who can do the absolute worst Arnold impressions possible? How does First Blood stack up among the other Rambo movies? And is there a movie universe out there ("somewhere out there, where dreams come truuuuuuuuue....") that could hold these two alpha males? Don't just drift on by this episode because we will LOCK YOU UP, SIR in our Hope prison! Just don't! Rated R - for men stuff.

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