Episode 125 - Con Air/Road House

Fights! Explosions! Guns! Boobs! It's the first R-rated episode in ACTION-PACKED AUGUST with 2 movies that go together like aggressive peas and carrots - Con Air (1997) and Road House (1989)!!! How did Krissy deal with all this bonkers machismo on celluloid for the first time? Did she walk away happy and triumphant as it blew up into a fireball behind her? Or was she sad and beaten down like a night at the Double Deuce (pre Dalton)? The ultra long discussion that ensued took everyone to a better place emotionally. Mostly because we talked about possible sequels/reboots, the Nicolas Cageassaince, bad Southern accents, awkwardly meeting your dad for the 1st time, Knives, Dr. Hot Stuff/Kelly Lynch, Patrick Swayze's butt/belly button, Ripping Throat PTSD, barn sex, Sam Elliot's hair and MONSTER TRUCKS. Plus, are these 2 movies cursed? And fun IMDB "trivia!" Stalk us on Twitter @MovieGeekCast!

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