Episode 127 - Basic Instinct/Color of Night


IT'S SEXY TIME! For the entire month of September, we're celebrating all the crazy and raunchy movies you might have found on late night Skinemax in the 90's! First up, this super-stuffed episode where we take on 2 sexual thrillers: Basic Instinct (1992) and Color of Night (1994)! WOW! These flicks were such scorchers we made it a threesome and invited over Rotten Tomatoes senior editor and longtime B.F.F. Grae Drake (@graedrake) to join the R-rated fun! We talked working movie junkets, Hugh Grant v Meryl Streep, Paul Verhoven impressions, bedroom artwork, Michael Douglas's grunting, "mad dancing," Sharon Stone's vagina acting, MIRRORS, cray cray group therapy, Bruce Willis Penisgate, awkward pool sex, Jane March's range and fun IMDB "trivia!" Follow us on Facebook and Twitter @MovieGeekCast! Subscribe, rate & review us on iTunes (link here) & we'll make it worth your while (wink, wink)! Email us questions, comments, concerns and cute cat pics at moviegeekcast (at) gmail (dot) com! Thanks for listening!

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