Episode 175 - Blade/Ghost Rider


Superhero month continues with an anti-hero double feature that leaves Krissy wondering how Justin even chooses the movies for the podcast in the first place! Yup! Good times were had when we watched both Blade (1998) and Ghost Rider (2007)! Plus, the #MysterySnackChallenge returns with a not-terrible snack that still manages to get mildly pornographic! By the way, please like our podcast on Facebook, follow us on Twitter @MovieGeekCast and check out our pod and several other awsome ones like it on the PodFix Network! Subscribe and if you like us (like really like us), we'd appreciate it if you leave us a positive rating and review on Apple Podcasts! You can also email us any questions or comments to moviegeekcast (at) gmail (dot) com! Thanks for listening!

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