Episode 247 - Species + Crash (1996)


Buckle your SEXY seat belts! This week, we turn up the NSFW button to 11 and welcome back our erotic film B.F.F., Nick from Epic Film Guys, to experience a sexy 90s double feature that we'll all never forget - Species and Crash (1996)! Spoiler warning - things get WEIRD! And explicit! So put the earmuffs on the kids, pour you a large glass of wine and enjoy the awkward ride! Please check out our podcast on Facebook, follow us on Twitter @MovieGeekCast and find our pod and several other awesome ones like it on the PodFix Network! Subscribe and if you like us (like really like us), we'd appreciate it if you leave us a positive rating and review on Apple Podcasts! You can also email us any questions or comments to moviegeekcast (at) gmail (dot) com!

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