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Episode 89 - Fatal Attraction/Fear

March 1st, 2012

Oscars Shmoscars. Who wants to sit around and golf-clap to fancy Best Picture winners like The Artist when you could watch and discuss Fatal Attraction and Fear instead?! Clearly, J and K have decided to take the road less traveled this year. In fact, it may not even be a road... but a Choose Your Own Adventure masturbatory roller coaster ride with Glenn...we mean...Albert Nobbs! Either way, it's a truly harebrained ride on the good ol' podcast crazy train. We discuss the merit (or lack thereof) in cheating on your wife with a comparatively hideous Medusa-haired man-troll, how to pick up on girls with wide foreheads in 90s rave clubs a la Mark Wahlberg, and (most importantly) HOW TO INCLUDE ALBERT NOBBS IN ALMOST EVERYTHING. Seriously. That chick/dude is *everywhere.* This episode is rated 'R' for some salty language and some even saltier Julia Childs impressions.