Episode 93 - Ghostbusters 2/Revenge of the Nerds/Short Circuit

NERDS!!!!!!!!!!!!! We continue the momentum from our most highly listened month EVER on SIMAMG by tripling down with a NERD TRIPLE FEATURE! And all 3 are from the 80s, Krissy's favorite decade! (Not really) Which one did she like best? Was it Ghostbusters 2, Revenge of the Nerds or Short Circuit? Would you believe us when you find out she didn't fall asleep during any of them?!? To make it fun/unpredictable, we go from least fave to most fave in order! It's all very scientific with impressions of nerds and Johnny #5! The PG-13 discussion included in this episode covers the gamut of topics: robot sex, Statue of Liberty assaults, moonbounce rape, Lamar javelin'ing, Frosting & Dildos and "innnnnnputs!"

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