Episode 97 - The Avengers/Thor/Iron Man 2

This week, your favorite movie geek couple hunker down for three - count 'em, 3! - Marvel comic movies... One of which may or may not currently be the biggest movie in the world. (MOVIE SMASH!!!) Iron Man 2, Thor and The Avengers! It might have been too much super awesomness for our ADHD-riddled brains to process though, as we were easily sidetracked by things like closed captioning devices, bright phones, and the MOST ANNOYING children ever to have gone to the theater. ("Huhuhuhuhuh...YEAH!!" "Daaaaddy, is it ooooover yet?") Crazy people that we wanted to sock in the face aside, it was a good ride. Join us as we discuss our favorite superhero(es), the lusciousness (or is it grunginess?) of Thor Hemsworth's hair, extra credit scenes and all things Robert Downey Jr. This podcast would be rated PG-13, were it not for liberal use of the F-word. So, R it is!

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