Episode 98 - Steel Magnolias/Sleeping with the Enemy

Talkative Southern women in a hair salon vs. faking your own death to get away from your psycho husband with a mysterious mustache!!! Duh duh DUH!!!!! PLUS...Julia Roberts double feature! DUH! Which movie - Steel Magnolias vs. Sleeping with the Enemy - did Krissy enjoy more the 1st time up?? Is she the last female drama nerd to see the former? Does Shirley MacClaine actually believe in aliens? What is up with Julia Roberts' mommy haircut in that movie? Or either movie? We talk a lot about hair. Like The Lawnmower Man's hair! And making terrible decisions when faking your death. And don't forget...organizing all hand towels and canned goods! It's all rather scientific AND PG-13 but skirts towards R territory because of someone's potty mouth. Guess who that is????

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