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Episode 124 - Ghostbusters (2016)/Flatliners

July 17th, 2016

ATTN: GHOSTBROS! We've finally seen Ghostbusters (2016) and we paired it by crossing the streams on another 1990's ghost-ish flick, Flatliners! Was the new reboot worth the long wait? Or does it make us want to pack up our proton packs for good? Spoiler alert: it's complicated! The tangent-filled, ectoplasmic discussion includes a trip down our podcast's memory lane, mad dude bros, Kate McKinnon Faces, the Hemsworth brother charisma phenomenon, Julia Roberts' choice of roles, Kiefer Sutherland tree-tackling, dimly lit hospitals and purgatory punching! Follow us @MovieGeekCast on Twitter and we'll totally flatline you any time you want!