So I Married A Movie Geek - Episode 10 - The Hugga Bunch

In honor of Toy Story 3 blowing our minds over the weekend, we subjected ourselves to one of the CREEPIEST KIDS MOVIES OF ALL TIME, the Kroftian 1985 "kids movie," The Hugga Bunch. Don't believe us? It's on You Tube as evidence. During this PG-13 spoiler-filled episode,  Justin explains his personal connection to the movie, plus J&K discuss putting grandma out to pasture, Southern accents, not-so-cool hugs, homemade McGriddles, Clarissa Explains It All, squishy mirrors, singing midget people, phantom penises, "turd-like testicles," fiery mammoths!!!, young berries,  & dusty attics. It's the longest anyone has ever talked about this horrible, horrible movie, guaranteed.

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