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So I Married A Movie Geek - Episode 69 - Friends with Benefits/Y Tu Mamá También

September 14th, 2011

Guess who has another girl crush? If you guessed ‘Krissy,’ you win a prize! And if you guessed ‘Justin,’ you *still* win a prize!! Yes, your favorite movie-watching couple takes it aaallll the way back Awkward Town this week, as we commiserate about how hot Mila Kunis is, how NOT hot inexperienced teenagers are, and how much Krissy wants to mail a care package of BIC razors to the fine people of Mexico. The double sexy feature: Friends with Benefits and Y Tu Mamá También! Also, the age old question: can men and women actually be friends without sex getting in the way? The world needs to know! Given the subject matter, this Very Sexy 69th podcast ep should probably be rated ‘R’ - no one admitted without a parent! (But don’t actually bring your parent, ‘cause it will actually be suuuper awkward if you do.)