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So I Married A Movie Geek - Episode 74 - Footloose/The Ides of March

October 17th, 2011

We invite a real live human being (and a real hero) to the podcast this week and man oh we start drinking wine early. LOTS OF WINE. Cheap glorious wine. Our favorite critic, Grae Drake of The Popcorn Mafia (and Movies Dot Com) fame, guests for the 2nd time to go head to head with Krissy for a rather balanced edition of CLOONEY VS. GOSLING: HOTTIE OFF.  Plus, we discuss the brand new Footloose and whether it's worth a look, celebrity hair makeovers, trips to Romania, lost Blu-ray features, talking with Steven Bauer/Rhea/Wright, being in the near vicinity of Clooney's tractor beams, DRIVE and its soundtrack, taking pee breaks during movies, couple celeb cheat lists, All The President's Men and much much more! Rated R for mature audiences!