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So I Married A Movie Geek - Episode 79 - J. Edgar/Contagion/Fright Night

November 28th, 2011

As you sit and rub your swollen post-Thanksgiving bellies, we here at So I Married a Movie Geek would like to remind you that though the holiday is over, there is still so much to be thankful for... Vegas trips and GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS!, the fact that you don't live right next to a vampire (even if he does look like Colin Farrell), the inalienable right to touch your face 40,000 times a day (and a governmental investigative agency who's willing to go to all the trouble of cataloging every time you poke your punim), and Leonardo DiCaprio in both a fat suit and a dress. At the same time. I'M NOT MAKING THIS UP, PEOPLE. Or perhaps you're not thankful for all of these things; perhaps you're at a low point in your life. Perhaps you're just waiting for Robert Redford to walk into your life and offer you $5M (adjusted for inflation) for the pleasure of sleeping with your significant other. Cause after all, that'd be so money, baby... Or not. Perhaps you're just waiting to finish reading this so you can get on with the business of listening to this week's J. Edgar / Contagion / Fright Night podcast, with special side reviews of Swingers and Indecent Proposal. Yep. That sounds more like it. Please enjoy our Thanksgiving hodgepodge podcast - it'll fill your heart in much the same way that your octogenarian Grandma's fruitcake fills your stomach. Rated PG-13(ish)!