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Entries from April 2012

Episode 96 - The Monster Squad/Tremors/Critters

April 26th, 2012 · Comments

Monsters, Graboids, and Critters - oh my!!  This week is all about 80s cult classic movies Monster Squad, Tremors, and Critters... But J and K really boil it down and talk about the important stuff: dinosaurs in Elizabethan collars, furry red-eyed-rolling testicles, playing skip-it against giant burrowing penis worms (who are really just misunderstood and need a friend), and the merit of swimming against the vortex a la Van Helsing. Ahem. WHY ARE WE ALLOWED TO HAVE CHILDREN?? Our poor baby will be forced to watch crazy movies and be party to mom and dad's even crazier recap. What dreams/nightmares may come! Ohh, the shenanigans that will ensue. In the meantime, enjoy this PG-13ish podcast!

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Episode 95 - Cabin in the Woods/Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter

April 19th, 2012 · Comments

It's late at night and someone is stalking you with a hockey mask and a bear trap. Do you A) shave your head as fast as you can and throw on some makeup, B) read that book you've been putting off for months or C) listen to the latest episode of SIMAMG, where we discuss the new/excellent/under-the-radar Cabin in the Woods AND force Krissy to watch her very first Friday the 13th movie - The Final Chapter! Yes, she popped her Jason Voorhees cherry! But he might not be happy after she totally calls him out for being FAT during the podcast! MAIN NOTE: Go see Cabin, guys! It's really really good and best to see blind! Blind of spoilers, not blind blind! Although, it's LOUD so it would be probably be fantastic & enjoyable either way! Yay! Joss Whedon 4Eva! This episode is rated PG-13 mainly for Krissy's potty mouth!

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Episode 94 - Titanic 3D/The Abyss

April 12th, 2012 · Comments

It's finally happened. No, not the much-prophesied 2012 Mayan end of the world (we gotta hold on for August!), but something SO MUCH MORE EPIC. Wait for it... Wait for it... JUSTIN SAW TITANIC WITH KRISSY! IN A REAL THEATRE! IN 3D!! IMAX 3D!!! OMGGGGG!!!! Did he love it? Did he finally have a drunk-on-love-James Cameron-induced epiphany? Or did Krissy just tape his eyes open and force him to take it (and spit!) like a man? Actually, Justin was a great sport. Just don't ask him about his feelings about a certain Italian secondary character whose name sounds like a common household air freshener. Then he'll get super ornery and so fixated that he can't even remember who love interest Helga was (even though she was apparently in every scene)! Also included in this podcast: everything you've EVER wanted to know about Titanic the movie, Krissy's obsession, the disaster and ship itself, and famous Titanic historian Don (plus lesser-known Abyss and Contact historian brothers Ron and Lawon, respectively). So please join us on this floating piece of door we found while we wait to be rescued... Because, clearly, THERE'S SO MUCH ROOM. Rated PG-13, plus boobs.

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Episode 93 - Ghostbusters 2/Revenge of the Nerds/Short Circuit

April 4th, 2012 · Comments

NERDS!!!!!!!!!!!!! We continue the momentum from our most highly listened month EVER on SIMAMG by tripling down with a NERD TRIPLE FEATURE! And all 3 are from the 80s, Krissy's favorite decade! (Not really) Which one did she like best? Was it Ghostbusters 2, Revenge of the Nerds or Short Circuit? Would you believe us when you find out she didn't fall asleep during any of them?!? To make it fun/unpredictable, we go from least fave to most fave in order! It's all very scientific with impressions of nerds and Johnny #5! The PG-13 discussion included in this episode covers the gamut of topics: robot sex, Statue of Liberty assaults, moonbounce rape, Lamar javelin'ing, Frosting & Dildos and "innnnnnputs!"

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